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Sneered: “Oh, I’m not worth for Siyuan, Li Can, ** is a cowardly villain.” Then they walked outside carrying a knife like a big step.
Wenxuan face changed, and we must open, Li Can drink soon burst then again, so Tekken shocked people around to help in that situation here, they all have rushed here.
“I said, stop! today, who are not allowed to go!”
Xia Li turned his head, looked at Li Can disdain, contempt and said: “Why, I’m the wrong you, you know that last night, after coming back to us Siyuan borrow money, we know that he is for you After borrowing, have full support, you know the value of your hand box of the energy crystals you! ”
“Well, I do not know, I’ll tell you, he is a one Siyuan decades kept up, we are fortunate bitter she saved all these years, it is Siyuan an arm in return! which is to you, but now you have to stop us to take revenge! you say, you are not the villain. ”
time, people have to look around to Li Can, thinking to myself, really is the waste before the waste, although the strength has improved, but the same weak and incompetent, cowardly, brothers to have broken his arm, and now Do you have the strength to take revenge, but also to prevent
Li Can hear here, forehead red with rage, pains, not that he did not want to, but he can not, if he went today, whether or not to kill XuShao, he will be the man to give up the gang, even if he The father of three elders also more likely than him. Not to mention around XuShao
and certainly now a master protection, one that now help iron fist inside case, it does not allow him to take revenge impulses.
main fact of the election was about his father, he could not hold back, but can not be left to fight the Second Presbyterian father excuse, the city is the game of the year twice, the other gangs are now allowed to chaos, the end result can only be sacrifice themselves. After
夏黎 would reveal the hearts of all the words, with indomitable determination, turned around to leave again.
Li Can apart from anything else, rushed forward, Jiuqi Xiali collar, Xia Li wanted to rebel, but he’s there to repair comparable Li Can, throwing him to the ground, Li Can ruthless channel: “I said, today who are not allowed to go!”
ignore the strange surrounding the eyes, Li Can go before 夏黎 body, convergence anger, Chen Sheng said:! “Xia Li, we are like you care Siyuan, the same anger, and even surpassed me than you, I just want to say a, blood for blood, this thing because I am the sky, it should be the end of me, but not now. ”
look around, Tekken help most people have come here, only the Church of war who remain indifferent to these, Li Can glanced at the crowd, everyone puzzled eyes, jump to the headquarters of the Central Hall wooden table.
wooden table is used to display some ornamental objects, three meters tall wooden table top has a vase, Li Can jump, vases almost fell down.
Wenxuan few people he swept a glance, facing the crowd to help iron fist, his right hand that day, loudly and said: “Ladies and gentlemen here today to witness, Li Can I swear on the new contest, will hand edge XuShao, mention 白思远revenge, should a minor then I cut off his left arm! ”
finished, looked at the ground woodenly 夏黎, Senleng opening: “!! who are not allowed to go now if someone violates XuShao, do not blame me bluntly”
Xia Li then also recovered, looked at the table Li Can, silent, quietly returned to the Wenxuan et al beside my heart was secretly said: “If you can be said, then, even if you fail, become a basket case, I Xiali this life must also protect you, respect you! ”
Li Can not find a dry corner of Lee and Li Li, jumped off the table after the finish, holding wooden box, walked away.
gang members around but did not disperse, all talking about her what just happened.
“Li Can done guys, this thing like the elder son, this talent is real man.” one guard exclaimed.
“I can not believe that he is our help the most famous of waste iron fist, the original rumor yesterday is true.”
“can teach kids so bloody simple ah, it seems that Lee became the main fact may well dry.” sighed the backbone of a gang.
“ah, this kid, well, I also live to save you time, maybe you are the man I was looking for” an old man touched the corner of his waist, mouth murmured.
just happened fastest spread throughout the city, in addition to helping seen Tekken Museumzicht who beat Li Can slight confidence, the rest of the people have said Li Can be presumptuous stupid, old It is a popular image of the waste.
which also has a special, such as a circle to help casinos, it has been out of the Handicap, now the ratio is 10 to 1, as long as Li Can win, the pressure can get a gold coin ten.
but odds are it will float change is specifically prescribed by the Golden Circle to help, even so, many people still buy their savings Xushao Sheng, a buy is often tens of thousands of gold coins, for them, earn pocket money is good.
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Chapter XVIII-day class exercises
Li Can holding wooden quickly back to the room, and now has enough energy grain, the previous four hundred plus eight hundred now, there is a surplus. Love Story *** Kwai Sha network. KUISHA. ***
the door shut, according to the experience of the previous two, after each exchange, the repair will be improved, and lying in pools of melted crystal energy best, 李灿飞 undressed quickly jumped into the water, the first a low-energy grain did not put too much, just put a ten slowly absorbed. ] Li Can
After all preparatory work done, in my mind to summon the ancient super weapons systems.
“Exchange Shaolin cocoon”
“confirms that it has found low-energy grain 1000, converted successfully.” After
moment, Li Can speak intolerable itching upper and lower body, especially his little brother, it is Yizhuqingtian, yellow skin has been a burst of white, tub, constantly bubbles from the bottom up grew larger, until break through the water, the sound emitted Bobo, water boiling up, resulting in a lot of fog and slowly the Li Can obscured.
feel temperature, not warm not cool, and no sense of boiling water, which is the body’s pool of energy crystal energy absorption, resulting in the air, the air slowly break through the surface rupture, I feel like boiling in general, and this WhiteSmoke rupture is also very good, Yi Jin Jing Li Can not help but use their breathing Dharma.
a road mist as a swallow-like homing quickly from Li Can nostril into the body, and Li Can talent, but also to improve slowly, and obviously this gas is quite good.
Li Can ordinary practice is completely different, they are the first to attend boxing, so after extreme physical fatigue, into fusion energy grain pool, let the water slowly to strengthen the body, the repair will be improved. Li Can
and ancient weapons systems because every super power after the conversion of the law, Nature Society, which produce this white mist, just with a unique breathing Yi Jin Jing, this has the effect of changing talent.
for a long time, when the water calm, Li Can This opened his eyes and found that the pool has no energy grain, in turn put into ten pieces and continue to turn a blind eye to practice from the Yi Jin Jing, a strange thing happened, although the crystal melting energy into the water, but his body has not absorbed, the water does not bubble.
physically feel the water carefully and found no change in the water, carefully observed and occasionally can be seen in the white liquid water marks, Li Can a little depressed, that it is not unlimited upgrade ah, he began to think that as long as the energy of the crystal enough, the body can Unlimited absorb improve the repair, it seems, the idea is not.
Li Can not immediately up and hunkered down there shares tub warm feeling, this feeling abnormal comfortable, close your eyes, think carefully about the consequences of what happened today brings
XuShao is certainly not to be missed, it is about a new contest to compete, he must at the meeting table, while helping to power in addition to his iron fist, there Wenxuan, Museumzicht, who, if nothing else, will participate Bai Siyuan .
thought of this, his eyes a little confused, no longer the usual bright pupil, murmured: “The brothers suffer you.”
Suddenly, Li Can shines, he remembered an arm heroes on Earth, Yang Guo!
for Yang Guo’s experience, he is very clear, learning martial arts is also more complex, Hama Gong, Dagou Gun Law, another Gu Mupai, Quanzhen many sects of martial arts, Li Can admire him most is his self- invasive “sadly ** palm.”
sadly ** palm is Yang Guo and Xiao Long Nu, after breaking up, a number of years, martial arts, day length, due to miss Maid gradually shaped thin as a skeleton, and ultimately realize the dejected ** palm. This palm method must be born from the heart of despair trained personnel available,
not wait to summon the ancient super weapons systems, underground passage in mind: “Super ancient weapons systems, exchange sadly ** palm how much energy grain?”
“sadly ** palm belongs day order power law requires one billion energy crystal, day order exercises require lower energy grain 100000000-1000000000000 ranging.”
Li Can hear togethers, this kind of system, how it will be so expensive? If so then how could exchange it, but if you want to exchange the kind to other people practice, then had more than ten times the energy of the crystal. This pit father it
Li Can not willing to continue to ask: “If you will be sadly ** palm out how much energy conversion crystal!”
“If the host wants to practice, then you need one billion energy grain, and the need to repair your day level in order to achieve their full effect, if the repair is less, then use the effect will be greatly reduced, the other day order power law must also be repair before they can reach the day level full effect. ”
“Congratulations to host successfully found a free exercises, sadly ** palm, belongs to the ranks of free exercises! Gong practitioners because conditions are too harsh, so the system will be complimentary, and the host can learn on their own.”
“whether the exchange?”
Li Can hear togethers, day order exercises ah, you know, he crossed so far, practicing the highest level of power law is a senior yellow bands. And most of the gang members was also practicing boxing bull yellow bands Intermediate, his father practicing the human level peak, but also by the Lee boxing is a middle yellow Bale.
seen the most powerful single effort, probably to be the last two elders Ice palm used, the lower part of the mysterious order, but that is the martial art, not a power law, the power law is strengthened when people ** level, ground level increases internal force exercises, and martial art is something after level to use, there are martial minority class can use, but that is very rare, because the human level body did not have “air”, not power play martial art.
day order ah, this is way beyond the stage, mysterious order, top exercises! Even in the city of sin bands exercises, martial heard of, and now suddenly day order power law, how can not let him excited, quick answer in my mind is after 李灿静 still waiting for this day order power law appears.
this is no longer directly taught in his mind, but in the way the book appeared, is that anyone can learn, and if this power law living to the outside world, but also do not know how much to set off bloody.
“sadly ** palm is being formed, and please be patient, the formation energy of the real items need ten pieces of crystal, is automatically deducted from the end of this intelligent dialogue, has found 110 low-energy grain, collect completed.”
looking to reduce low-level energy crystal box a little bit, Can Li did not feel bad meaning, if you can exchange day order Gong, Li Can willing to pay all of their energy grain.
with the reduction of energy crystals in front of Li Can, and slowly gather the appearance of a book, the book’s material is very special, it looks like a beast skins, rapid formation of a common Chinese characters above the continent, occasionally a complex image points.
point has always been there, but because Li Can ancient weapons have been relying on a super system, do not need to understand the points, as long as there is energy grain, became converted directly Gong practitioners for many years.
long after, before finally succeeded in forming a power law, is an old pavement from the feeling, when Li Can gaze, it will feel the vicissitudes of books, this is a very strange feeling, as the front is not a book, but I do not know how long a person lives in general.
water splashes a spray, sadly ** palm Cheats directly fell into the tub.
“No!” Li Can brow sweat, eyes wide, rounded, issued a scream! Quickly to the water in touch, under the rush, to be sadly ** Cheats sitting under palm ass
finally came out, Li Canguang ass, and regardless of the other, will be carefully bookstall on the bed and found a page into a long stick, would not easily open.
Li Can hearts depressed to death, this feeling let him Jiyu crash just days still intact bands exercises, not enough time to open, it becomes so, if damaged, he really cry.
move brazier, the charcoal lit, carefully holding the ends of the book, carrying books on top of the charcoal, heart finally sent a deep breath, feeling his hand description of the quality of this book has become, although the internal stick together, but the outside is quite stiff to the touch, do not accidentally appear hole.
heart YY days of order with this strength exercises let him soar, directly XuShao, two elders underfoot, Li Can issued lewd laughter.
“Brother, what so happy ah? brother to come in!” Carter, Li Li then comes into the room, found Li Can being naked body, crotch unusually large firm let him little self-esteem.
patted his head, Li Li rushed returned outside, embarrassed and said: “That was my brother’s fault, a knock on the door and forget the excitement, ah, um, I just did not see anything, the amount of a child anyway, we two also light ass to sleep a blanket too! Do not be shy, oh ”
Li Li Li Can startled by the sudden, a loose hand, suddenly the day the order is about to dry exercises will fall into the brazier.
he burst into Canhao, ignoring his brother out, quickly picked up the cheats, though groping hand into a brazier, but there is no point Li Can they feel uncomfortable, Shaolin cocoon efficacy really powerful!
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deeply grieved palm Chapter XIX
uneasy Cheats on the table, gently stroking a little bit moist, it should not be okay!
Li Can licked his fingers, carefully opened the first page, the results surprised him to realize that this book just looks wet, in fact, inside the pages do not have any impact on his hand tugged found extremely hard page . ]
“I had any brains, something super ancient weapons systems out how likely an ordinary scared me!” the book aside, Li Can wear clothes, then let his brother just embarrassed, after all, on the full ten year Li Can six, according to the rules of Sin City, sixteen-year-old is the adult, can join the gang.
Li Li is the iron fist into sixteen help, but here because of the closure of the relationship, the majority are married sixteen years old, to encourage a lot of fertility, population of the city before they can develop better.
Lap Although two years old, but no wife, on the one hand there is no love, on the other hand Li Chien and his son are convinced that sooner or later they’ll get out of here, back to his mother, to the time he re-consider their own thing .
dressed and ready to put random pick up Xieku tragic results, perhaps because the relationship between cocoon of Shaolin, Li Can crotch abnormal firm, though he did not mind too much color centers, but the body is not Listen to the brain beck and call.
no choice but to sit cross-legged meditation practice while Yi Jin Jing, little brother finally corpuscles down.
“hey, how this can do, is this practice of side effects cocoon, but looks pretty good, past life is a virgin, which is in addition to the World Mother did not even come into contact with other women, yes, but also hit a morning “While wearing pants, while cranky, I think that kind of melted in the morning feeling crotch rise again trend.
tidied beds, Cheats incorporated into the arms of Li Can got up to open the door, facing the wall opening Li Li said: “Brother, come on, just taking a bath, to keep you waiting.”


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Then, is the upper-class people died condensation from Wicked, Wicked repair is higher, setting out the darker crystal energy, fans in light green energy While not much has been going up, and then will become blue. On the subject of value, we have to value While more than one hundred white-energy grain.
“this fan, at least, worth tens of thousands of gold coins! 一枚 energy crystals are worth thousands of gold, let alone a fan or spirituality in this rune weapon runes to create division, but unfortunately there is no operating practices, or at least to this fan value doubled. “Can Li shook his head, if he can not bear to operating practices sold.
“hey, it seems, can only sell the fan, the only hope do not come back XuShao hands, otherwise it is a hassle.”
sell this and other magic items, the best place is the Yard, the city of sin, many auction houses, but the biggest one is indeed gold round auction, big gold circle to help the forces of unimaginable, but for his low key and with people of purpose, but also to help the first gang Xu Qinglong position will be replaced.
Presumably, gold circle placed outside help is coming, this is not groundless, the outside world’s largest banks also Golden Circle banks, this kind of thing, definitely not a coincidence, and that goods sold gold circle helped many of which are outside of production, In Sin City because of the scarcity of various materials, there is no ability to produce.
but these have been rejected by many people, because Sin City is only one exit, and that exports all seen, there is no delivery of goods may come in, but once every six months to open a hole, in addition to entering new, but there is no other people out, they all look in the eyes. This also allows the circle to help become a fan, just like Tekken gang warfare Church in general, people are always afraid of something mysterious.
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Chapter XVI anger
night, then early in the morning ready to sell Li Can black fan, this is the only way to money the fastest conversion Shaolin cocoon has come to the point where imminent. ^ ^ ^ Kuisha. ^ ^ ^
Sin City Square City, has the most prosperous commercial system, if sell something, the first consideration is the gold round auction, Li Can put away the black fan, open the door. ]
At that moment the door opened, a young edgy rushed to Li Can shocked, to be seen to come later, snappily said: “Little Seven, you run so fast rush reincarnation ah! to sit down, and slowly say anything. ”
anxious look of a small seven-color, mouth greatly but to say a word, anxious sweating, Li Can quickly poured him a glass of water to drink.
small seven Gugu Gu’s drinking water, and finally slowly over, pulling Li Can ran out, running while and said: “! Can brother, accident, Siyuan is XuShao people cut off his arm.”
Li Can hear a moment, how is this going on, good yesterday, how could a hurry and asked: “! how, soon to say”
“Siyuan brother first went out in the morning, then gone back a long time, Wen actively look for his brother, when he came back carrying Siyuan brother, Siyuan brother’s right arm is no longer the brothers are well done too, are ready knife, it is necessary to take revenge! ”
small seven took Li Canfei fast through a street, came to headquarters to help iron fist.
“less Chan, Wen Siyuan brother to fight brother will go to church, and I get in, you go.” Li Can small seven will bring the war to leave the Church.
“Stop! minor seventh, not my command who are not allowed to go, you Siyuan brother thing, not so well, but you can not impulsive, so that they have to gather here.” looked like a small seven, Lee Can not know where they want to go looking for revenge, he yelled. Li Can
small seven looked serious look, nodded his head, Li Can Museumzicht defeat at the hands of the news has spread throughout the Tekken yesterday to help people help within the first waste all know the old, now is the first a master, and they pay a good partner these and Li Can also be proud of, plus the last robbery when Li Can XuShao generosity performance won their favor.
Li Canfei quickly rushed to the underground war together, guarding see below, the door flew yesterday dragon physicians have come to explain to them, after Li Can not be stopped. Li Can
room physicians are bolted toward the dragon, while the other side a body of woman is Qingyilianbu abundance, and maid-step walk through the corridor a corner.
“ah.” bang Jiaohu, the woman fell to the ground, clutching his plump chest pain, curled up on the ground, rushed to the side of the maid helped this woman.
Can Li Bai Siyuan injury concerns in mind, let go of the narrow aisle at this speed rush, because there are many underground war room hall, quite as much as the intersection, collided things are not uncommon, warfare Church has provided for here , is not allowed to run, but unfortunately today, Li Can heart problems, did not pay attention to these
Li Can a little dizzy climb up, clutching his head, just do not hit it under a light, others lower peak level of strength a little dizzy, and sweep of the eye knocked down a woman, woman is curled up at the moment, also see the appearance, a single point of view from the body, Li Can gave her one hundred points.
hearts of some concern Bai Siyuan, Li Can apologetic huddled against the woman said: “I’m sorry sister, I have something urgent to go first, I was Li Can, etc. another day I give my sister an apology, okay?” Then do not these women answered hastily ran away.
long time, perhaps not so chest pain, the woman finally got up in the maid’s arm, the other end Wangle Yan channel at the moment has long been empty.
hand rubbed his plump breasts, women started a crest of white teeth nibble, with their only hear the voice murmured: “little rascal, what did Li Can, Well, this thing is not finished!”
Li Can rubbing his head, nose much stock faint fragrance, just think of the kind of soft feel, in the end what is it? Pondering for a long time, Li Can wink changed, and touched the still somewhat dizzy head, helpless smile under this fear is in trouble.
room physician dragon came to the door, Can Li shook his head and began to put aside the matter, worried and asked: “? Dragon physician, how about”
dragon come to see the physician, the hearts of a happy yesterday chess game he is still fresh in my memory, they took him to discuss to discuss his tongue Li Can he come to this purpose, reluctantly shook his head with a wry smile back said: “This time, the kid was afraid to be finished, cut off his right arm directly, such a serious injury, even if a cure is not good in the outside world, the conditions here as you know, has been bleeding wound up, or how long it will good just go and see your arm, alas. ”
Li Can hear stay here eyes, arms waste, which means 白思远 to become a basket case, one arm be on the road to the end of practice, you know Bai Siyuan biggest dream is to become a body repair expert, become as Iron old general character ah!
some heavy into the house, Wenxuan moment is standing, staring red eyes, a lot of blood on the ground there, the room a faint smell of blood, sickening moment Bai Siyuan eyes closed, his right arm been wrapped in gauze, only one elbow, and Li Can see this also in mind the blood, bloody XuShao!
expect XuShao even if he has also been subject to retaliation, but had never thought of this retaliation back so heavy that robbed thousands of gold coins XuShao consideration but it is the best brother one arm.
found came Wenxuan Li Can, voice trembled slightly and said: “Can small, it was my fault all my fault I should accompany Siyuan go together!!.” Wenxuan head in his hands , squatting on the ground, his face was very painful, even slightly moist cheeks, said Men do not cry easily, even if the stomach had suffered a knife Wenxuan have never cried.
Li Can also stammered speechless, he does not know how to comfort Mansion, this work cukuang boor, stout body fat, revealing for the first time in front of Li Can a soft side.
At this point, the bed Bai Siyuan opened his eyes, somewhat dazed look around, and found wrong, eyes recall a while, his eyes falling tear.
he remembered what had happened in the morning, he was on his way to buy energy crystal back, she ran XuShao a pedestrian, they see 白思远 one in her hand, holding a wooden box, where I do not know what that is, Suddenly the idea of ​​playing the Bai Siyuan.
know what 白思远 was beaten vomiting not let go, they mind to come directly knifed on 白思远 arm, the arm will be cut off on the spot, Bai Siyuan still remember that scene with his own arm off, and then he fainted.
if his side had Wenxuan, XuShao is definitely not to do so, after all, no gang members Bai Siyuan just a background.
slowly opened his eyes, revealing a forced smile, Bai Siyuan against Li Canqiang smiles:. “Can small, it is our brothers raise money exchange energy crystals, a total of 800, you’re holding.”
the wooden box crammed in the hands of Li Can, Bai Siyuan closed his eyes, he really can not accept the loss of the arm this thing, and now he needs a good calm.
then entered the room physicians dragon, see Li Can hands holding a wooden box, sigh and said: “hey, I was the first time I saw such a brave man, and perhaps he will give those wooden arm on I did not expect not broken, a broken arm also blacked out, he still stubbornly clinging to a wooden box, just when I wanted to wooden dressing is removed, but how are breaking not open this hand. ”
Li Can finally know what happened! Several good brother to help him improve the strength, all the coins will be replaced with energy grain, this friendship and Bai Siyuan rather die also protect the back of this box.
his heart deep remorse, maybe he should not have said to them yesterday and now need a lot of energy crystals, these things would not have happened. anger
hearts had almost broke out, after listening to one side of the dragon Wenxuan physician, then burst into tears, he stood up, choked against Li Can said:. “Can less, I’m gone, you take good care of Siyuan”
see this attitude, they might well have a good discussion and small seven, and going to take revenge, and now to see Li Can, they have to go.
“Stop, now is the impulsive when it? small seven I have told them to go, they are waiting outside, you do not go.”
Can Li looked up, did not want anyone to find he had tears poured down, perhaps before Li Can’ll cry, and then followed Wenxuan find XuShao desperately. Li Can
but now it can not, a qualified leader needs to be done to calm moment, and also the time to others confidence. Li Can
And now, in this small community gradually became the boss of the role.
adjusted his emotions, 李灿坚 given opening: “Siyuan, do not worry, I will hand edge XuShao, let him pay for you this arm of mosquitoes, we go!!”
Wenxuan frustrated face was a look of excitement, with Li Can join, revenge will certainly be a lot of time well, but he’s defeated XuShao. After
Bai Siyuan Li Can hear it, open your eyes, eager pleaded: “Can small, so do not do impulse”
Before he interrupted Li Can, “Siyuan, I assure you, in my mind the answer, you break it down we wait to see you.”
Having led Wenxuan went out dragon physicians left the war room big hall.
they had gone, Bai Siyuan This revealing their emotions, a little disheartened heart muttered: “I did not expect, and finally I became a burden to you.”
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Chapter XVII oath
Meng Hubang and Tekken contact with each other to help the site itself there are many contradictions, because the four gang protocol handles Introduction temporarily, but they did not reduce conflict, but because the conflict intensified repression.
these years, the city seemingly calm surface of evil, in fact, already Anchaoyongdong, said to have a large circle of financial help, and they can not be reconciled placing him second, just because the forces of the city complex, indeed affect the whole body, If the first shot round to help, then maybe there are other three gangs joint possible. ]
Tekken XuShao who will help the members of the elite, Bai Siyuan arm unloaded, in a very short time, the city has spread to the ears off, most people are holding a wait and see attitude, if Tekken help with Meng Hubang Because this incident to war, many people will laugh.
dry immediately rushed to the headquarters of Lee and Li Li heard the news, they are worried about Li Can the impulse to look XuShao afterwards.
now Li Chien did not quite know the son’s character, but he is very afraid of Li Can still a mysterious master, if this thing continues to blow up, the development of two gangs went to war, then what is too late .
Li Chien secretly thought:. “Can children if the mysterious master to help, even if it is only the destruction of war Meng Hubang copies, the first master of the man, but Sin City, before the destruction of the gang had a criminal record.”
careful consideration while, Li Chien deep sigh, shook his head, “Unfortunately, the couple soon compete contest, the city needs stability ah, but this guy was afraid to appoint a Qu Siyuan”
Li Chien and his son rushed to help the iron fist of the headquarters, just saw Li Can and Wenxuan, surrounded by four teenagers, seven people have a good relationship with them, but now only six people, in addition to Li Can, the other people have emotional , which is also in the hands of four teenagers carrying machetes.
Li Li saw the other side of the scene, the hearts of anxious, anxious and said:. “Father, go to stop his brother, and they definitely want to go looking for revenge.”
dry out there do not know Li Li Li’s mind, quickly seized him, pulled him Li Can not see the direction of Li Li looked puzzled look slowly explains: “Can children recently changed so much, we first do not go and see how he resolved this matter, if they are going to avenge us again to stop. ”
heard, Li Li also carefully listen up.
Li Can blankly in front of them, surrounded by a few noisy people, some say immediately go to ambush XuShao will also cut off his hand, it was said so well together to Bai Siyuan arm, Wenxuan more excitement took a knife going to leave.
Li Can watching the chaos around, shouted: “Enough!”
four Zhou Yijing, Wenxuan footsteps stopped, turned around and looked at Li Can pleading, he was going to take revenge! It’s all his fault, if there is time to buy energy crystals in his words
eyes swept from one of five people who, before Chen Sheng Li Can opening:? “Do you think you can play over XuShao strength do not say it was his own level median strength, the people around him are shit it? today who are not allowed to go! ”
Wenxuan few people have a little time to calm down, then remember under their cultivation was also the highest-level bit Nine people, only people at the lowest level position sixfold to avenge their case if only to die!
However, not everyone will think calmly, usually with 白思远 pretty good 夏黎 to hear the words of Li Can increasingly angry, he is without foundation and 白思远 who grew up together, and he knew Bai Siyuan no profound What will be the future of the arm.
Tekken help headquarters lobby, several teenagers head bowed in silence, the brothers had been cut down, but can not afford to help him take revenge, now is a critical period, the gang will be cold to deal with this matter, which make them feel guilty.
Just then, one teenager shoulders shaking, and suddenly looked up, eyes Wenxuan few people are watching Xia Li complex, he is Bai Siyuan best friend, companion to join Tekken help.
“Li Can! did not think you are such a person! Count me Xiali wrong about you, how Siyuan’s arm off? beat XuShao it? yesterday who defeated Museumzicht! You tell me,” Summer Li chest dramatic ups and downs, pointing Li Can, cold voice asked. Several people around
face changed, Li Can Wenxuan know the character, to say to 白思远 feelings, he is no less than anyone.
small seven keeping a close eye Li Can, immediately go to avenge his advocate, the edge of the two looked Xia Li, then turned around and glanced at the Mansion, see Wenxuan black face, did not dare open .
Xia Li shook hands tightly knife, looked deep Li Can, turned and walked toward the door, step two steps, suddenly turned,


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Face and smile exposing the treacherous succeed. “He’s gone, and tomorrow will come, I let him ten days come, hey, when we ask him to play chess thing.”
country faces hearing this word, but also cheer up, just Li Can one move that allowed him to produce a strong interest in Li Can, in his opinion, the board is life, chess requires calm, wisdom, also need to know trade-offs, but there must be some bigger picture, we can see this from the chess human potential!
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Chapter XIV understated war
Church Long after
leave room physicians, three to leave the Church of the war, but Bai Siyuan hearts for their building did not dissipate doubts, carefully looked white card, which saw a faint flicker inside runes, obviously, these brands and not ordinary. Love Story *** Kwai Sha network. KUISHA. ***
“mosquito, you say this brand in the end is how is it? Do not try to escape, quickly said.” Bai Siyuan learned the lessons began, pulled Wenxuan arm, lifted his foot again, warning look to Wenxuan. ]
Wenxuan thought for a moment, decided to say something to listen to the two brothers, after all, although this is a secret in the outside world, but what is not considered in their eyes. Long physicians pointed behind white card, Wenxuan dignified and said: “Look, this brand on the digital, four in 2008, which represents physicians in battle with a dragon hall rankings, Chan has just been told a little.”
“We all know the war only five hundred church people, five hundred people each room has a sign in front of all, they do not represent the repair ranking, but the overall strength, as far as I know, the top ten Half are not experts, they are very successful in other areas, so even if the strength is poor, but the overall strength was standing in the front. ”
Wenxuan said here, faint sigh: “In fact, December One door is not a master, said that he was a thief does best is mysteriously sneaked into the enemy’s room, find out information, but he does best escape. these are not the reason he came first, the real reason is said to be, he can mysteriously stole a woman’s heart because this guy is too pull the wind in the outside world, and let the emperor’s women also like him , also abducted his daughter, this is one day master class ambush, finally sent it inside. ”
Li Can mouth fell open this December One room, is the legendary flowers thief
Wenxuan sip a Minzui corner, proud smile, continued: “There, everyone thought we were fighting outside the Church only 500 people, although only 500 white card, but there are at least a thousand rooms among those No number of rooms is also someone, they do not go out all day, the secret practice, the strength of the Church of the war, far more than the outside world expected. ”
wonder where people will wear out Tiekui heijia, originally was to conceal the true number. Three thought to help the real strength of the iron fist nor the pride of up.
Li Can secretly intend in mind, it seems later to look for opportunities to get to know some warfare expert Church, the people here are the industry’s elite, as long as they get to enjoy, and will definitely get a lot of benefits.
“boom, boom, boom,” At this point, the underground secret passages came bursts of bells, and many low-level repair servant pushing the food, the door to the room one by one, these meals are all filled with silver lid is a special glass, a look that is advanced goods, only those instruments, I am afraid a lot of gold coins worth.
Soon, someone opened the door, the food end of the walk, Li Can war with doubts left underground Church.
“mosquitoes, not gang poor do? My father was two hundred gold two hundred monthly energy grain of it, how do you fight the Church for dinner plates are silver?” Can Li asked, curious.
“Hey, this silver can detect foods are not toxic ah, and these plates are all reportedly gang when we had to replace another gang seized, how long before the establishment of our money to help the iron fist is normal, you look at other gangs , that is not doing profitable business, it is we, not the foundation, to open to open pub, close protection fees, and even casinos are not. “Wenxuan think there are also deep sigh, gang what is good, that is profitable business too small, so it only ranked last.
key or fewer people, because soon after the establishment gang masters much, and that these years are also newcomers to compete for race only get one sixth of the people, lack of fresh blood, has been unable to expand, while the other gang because of financial strength, all they have helped more than Tekken, Tekken either help a mysterious war together, perhaps to help iron fist has long been the annexation of several major gangs.
“Actually, Sin City has no shortage of people, there is a lack of practice talented people, ah, you look at these side dishes, which are native people, ancestors are all great evil, but unfortunately living longer and backwards, and now become our servant. although we do not need any talent body repair, and most people can practice to the median level, however, because the energy crystal reasons, these people can not improve the repair, only to become slaves, we Sin City ah, in fact, is a small community, but also because I am lucky, joined the Tekken help, otherwise I probably had even tragic than these people “白思远 Listen Wenxuan sigh, also feeling the road.
He is a native of Sin City, and no crime, nor to leave this place, but Bai Siyuan intelligent and calm so many things to know, seven or eight years ago, when he was still young, know Wenxuan, then been followed Wenxuan around, play the role of think tanks, can be considered upper class in Sin City.
Can Li listened quietly, he never knew this place, old his father came here, life will never be ridiculed among others. Then Li Can come from across the globe, completely changed his personality, but also to reverse the impression that his cowardly timid in the eyes of others.
understand more the more worried, do not say Tekken help position in the eyes of others if you do not fight the Church is a mystery tempting fat, nor internal unity, several elders Chamber resist, and now the gang again selected the main fact, his father will spare no effort to fight, and two elders will try to sabotage, and today was almost broken arm, which makes Li Can remember.
shook his head, heart, illegal channels: “can only take things one step, and the first to get new people to compete for race victories, and then scramble to help main fact of the father, so as to completely change the status of the gang, so the gang powerful, I think of ways leave this place! ”
leave Tekken help headquarters, carrying Wenxuan Li Can walk on the old streets, here is the East edge, not far from the hole to the outside world, very few people over, and occasionally encounter a person, but also to help the gang Tekken members.
Wenxuan very slow pace, something in his mind, from the beginning to the present, he is still guilty, Li Can be gang fights he has opened in the following gambling thing.
or side of Bai Siyuan found abnormal, stopped Li Can, Can Li curious Zhuantouwangxiang him.
“Can less, I’m sorry, you’re on stage than fighting today we are still following the opening of gambling,” Bai Siyuan stammered opening last whispered speechless.
heard, Can Li shook his head, sighed and said: “Today, you are right to do so, to make a white, it can not make me go over a big fight today because to change my views on those? if you come to help me, and that purpose has not yet reached it! ”
Wenxuan Bai Siyuan heard it all themselves, they came up with the fear of Li Can grudge, after all, few people in the besieged Li Can Museumzicht when they do not have power, which let them mind sorry. Looking one, they both reached for the golden ticket pulled out his arms, hands stuffed in Li Can, today they earn more than five thousand gold coins, gold has been replaced by five banks golden circle tickets.
looking at the hands of a few silly golden ticket, Li Can hearts frustrating, he did not expect the two brothers will do, even a minute without leaving the five golden ticket gave him.
looked dumbfounded Li Can, Wenxuan and Bai Siyuan face a relieved smile, Wenxuan brisk pace a lot.
After thinking for a moment stopped 白思远 Li Can, indeed, Li Can now very lack of gold, whether it is a query super-power law of ancient weapons systems, or to enhance the strength, need energy grain, but today he found himself a great flaws, it is not enough defense, and today was a little ice on the two elders hit into internal injuries, and if newcomers to compete for a master when it came to race
that case they could not win the game, and be able to save his life has a problem, the golden ticket back Bai Siyuan hands, ignoring his smile solidification, Li Can Stern said: “This gold will not give me a ticket, I recently really need a lot of money to enhance the strength, but. ”
paused and looked at the two men cry expression, Li Can spoke again and said: “But to me vain accept your golden ticket is not enough, so be it, today I go up a competition, but also calculates the force, it is necessary two thousand Gold, one of fifteen hundred of you, which is five thousand gold coins, I do not intend also to you, when I borrowed, I’ll still after you. ”
At this time, two people relieved, as long as Li Can not reject their kindness like.
“ah Siyuan, you help me five thousand coins have replaced these energy grain, I need to practice a lot of energy recently to enhance the repair of the grain, the new scramble tournament, I have attended for my brother, so must go all out! “Can Li shook his fist, the importance of this competition is self-evident, if won, can also increase the prestige of his father in a gang in the election when the main fact, many will be successful.
Bai Siyuan took the golden ticket, nodded and quickly ran to the Crescent City, Fang Li, operating energy grain Dragon House, is endlessly throughout the day.
Kwai Sha romance network. KuiSha.
Chapter XV of defense cocoon
Li Can
will be sent home, they leave Wenxuan away, a little while, Bai Siyuan back, after Li Can the hands of the box to also leave away. ^ ^ ^ Kuisha. ^ ^ ^
Dragon floor service is very attentive, buy more than five hundred energy grain, it will presented a wooden box, this box is very hard, interior design many small groove, just to place energy grain. ]
energy grain is very soft, if you do not accidentally fell to the ground, crushing will fall slowly dissipated, the Dragon floor also take this into account, will produce such a box, even if accidentally fell to the ground, which is not the energy of the crystal will be damaged.
gently opened the box, Li Can glance swept away, where a total of five hundred low-energy grain, a total of five levels, each one hundred, Li Can secretly in their hearts: “The call of ancient weapons systems.”
mind, emerges out of the ancient martial system interface, but this time with a different last seen last appeared on screen in front of Li Can there are many exercises, but this time, it is a blank.
“super ancient weapons system display function has ended, now just tell the type of exercises you need, and provide enough energy crystals, the system will automatically give you display them on the first page, you have to learn the exercises used in the first See page two. ”
Li Can the open second page, find a list appears above the grid.
Host: Li Can
repair class: lower class people Kokonoe (Note: Some of grading day level, ground level, one level, each level into the next three, each has Kokonoe)
Gong practitioners: Li Quan (yellow bands Intermediate), weakening of the Yi Jin Jing (yellow bands Intermediate, scalable), Jianglongfuhu boxing (yellow bands Senior) (Note: The power law class is divided into heaven, earth, mysterious, yellow four step bits, each order with a lower, intermediate and advanced levels, senior day order power law is the most powerful rare earth)
talent: body repair qualification mediocre (is slowly improving in) low spiritual qualifications (being slow ascent)
depressed shook his head and did not think his talent is mediocre, ah, this is because the practice of the Yi Jin Jing, the changed part of the talent, talent previously imagined how bad, no wonder the others called waste , do not blame the external environment is not good, in fact, their talent is bad enough.
just surprised his mother is Lee lineal blood, God has superhuman repair talent, why he did not, could I just inherited his father’s body repair arguably should have inherited the talent fishes, are superhuman spiritual brother has talent? Li Can some doubts about the thought.
feel the presence of the ancient super weapons systems, Li Can slightly depressed heart was brightened, even if the difference between talent and then, with a super-ancient weapons system, not a problem later.
“super ancient weapons system, I need a defense exercises, please recommend a stage that can be used.”
“bit system is searching for the Ministry of Defense found fifty exercises are being screened to find suitable exercises Shaolin cocoon (yellow bands senior), one of the powerful defense Shaolin Gong, features excel back to resist external forces such as iron any attack. ”
wow, so many cattle, resistant to any external force is attacking you, so I practice Shaolin cocoon, two elders were no longer my little ice, unless it can be as old as the iron will of people throughout the ice! Moreover, after excel, then even if the knives may also be empty.
remember past lives on Earth, found that many out performances Shaolin disciples, they used GongYingQiang the tip, against the throat, can be GongYingQiang also broken, and even some people can use an electric drill used for construction, turn his temples, and the slightest Lossless.
“Shaolin cocoon (yellow bands High power law) requires 1000 low-energy grain.”
Li Can well prepared, yellow bands senior exercises, boxing and last Jianglongfuhu same price.
At this point, Li Can suddenly remembered the peak level of the father or the person, if the conversion of the right to practice exercises to the father, if the father can make a breakthrough to the level it? Thought here, Li Can excited.
“super ancient martial system, if I chose exercises, can impart to others practicing?” Li Can hold your breath, hands trembling slightly, excited asked.
“back to the host system is a super-powerful ancient weapons, as long as you can afford energy grain, after the host exchange exercises, exercises will automatically appear in the host brain, no time to train hard, you can fully grasp , as your memory in general, and if the host wants others to practice, then they have to start practicing, but the host must be redeemed in kind! ”
“Exchange-kind exercises, you need to consume the amount of the original conversion exercises 10 times to 100 million times the energy of crystals ranging.”
“I rely on!” low curse loudly, Li Can rolled his eyes, according to the exchange of a yellow-order high-energy grain power law requires 1000 to count, even if it is ten times the minimum amount calculated in accordance with, this figure is enough to let Li Can chilling. Li Can it be true now acutely aware of the importance of gold, money is absolutely not, ah, now he has owed Wenxuan and Bai Siyuan thousand gold coins, which can not know when
hearts of foul-mouthed, Li Can quickly stopped cranky, back to reality from the ancient super weapons systems.
“gold ah! gold coins how to do there, grab does not work, and others certainly have made a defense, nor by his father and brother even if there are not too many coins.” scratched distressed hair , Li Cansi cable with how to make money.
“short of six thousand gold coins, which according to his father, but six month dry ah 200 gold coins to count, it takes three months, almost three years time, alas, Tekken help to spread so poor!” touched the pocket, only ten gold coins, or the last remaining, suddenly, Li Can seem to remember something, rummaging in bed together.
looking at the hands of the black fan, Li Can the hearts of frustration, which he has studied for a long time fan, but in any case not as XuShao generally stimulate lightning, careful observation of this fan, in the grip of the groove, there is a little energy crystal, crystal energy While slightly greenish color. According memory
know, the energy level of the lowest level of the crystal is white, then blue, green, purple, pink, orange correspond to the level of people-and six-order bits, and above there is a colorful Crystal energy, this energy crystals only days after the death of Wicked, will condense.
addition to white crystalline energy is extracted from the grass on the moon, the rest is all Wicked killed before they can get, like humans, but also through the world of evil people, three distinguished. While green energy
fan inside the grain, if predictably


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Friends, before the outbreak of potential, a three to four times the weight of his people back home now.
though he is Wenxuan savior, but Wenxuan, the Li Can more like his brother, in recent years, he has been watching other people waste called Li Can, for which he did not know hit How many people, but also thanks to his older brother had been a general protection as Li Can, only to be ridiculed though Li Can, but never physically injured, Li Can it hurt today!
carrying Wenxuan Li Can, hearts regret, he should go early to help Li Can, and Can Li together against the enemy, but he looked on brothers and duel, took him as his own bet. Wenxuan irascible, fearless, but will listen to a person, that person is Li Can, will be back in the back of Li Can, reminded him of the original scene, slightly acidic Wenxuan mind again, he heart secretly vowed: “Anyone Can not hurt less, I will always stand in front of him.”
war quickly to the Church, unlike the tourney field open space warfare Church exception mysterious, even shelter also built underground, all Hall of basic war will not go out into the rest of the people even think about, because it is Wenxuan son of Grand Ayatollah somewhat privileged, this free access to war Church.
came to the door, he saw two dressed in black armor, with a sword around his waist and wore Tiekui head guard. This dress is completely unlike those guarding the Crescent City, they are all battle-hardened, and repair to advanced people.
come after guards saw a slight nod, where one leaf of Shimen, Shimen very thick, you want to force a breakthrough is absolutely impossible, Shimen organ is very clever, just gently pull it slowly opened an iron pillar Shimen, guarding the Shimen open channel at Wenxuan come and guard waved, Shimen will close again.
perhaps taking into account foreign invasion, war hall deep in the ground, there are many oil lamps on both sides of the channel, so no difficulty walking, walking for a long time, finally came to a hall above the hall there is a character array grammar, bursts of white light, Let such people outside the hall light. It appears to be bright circle, the circle be assisted, and Sin City gateway to the outside world cave attacks completely different character array grammar.
Wenxuan carrying Li Can, East West channeling channeling through many aisles, long before come to a door, gently knocking, which came Come voice, his trio together into them.
“Father,” “Uncle Wen,” “Big elders”
three are facing this middle-aged brawny shouted hello.
Can Li Wenxuan father and the father of Li Chien Wen war is a good brother, together they had followed the old iron fist step by step will help to grow and develop, only Bai Siyuan unfamiliar cultural battle, so had to call the elders of the big.
Wenzhan help with hand glasses on his nose, but he finally got it, and said that this is the stuff outside those glasses in order to use the nobility, put this made him feel quite temperament.
“ah, but also what is called the great elders, and together Can children call me Uncle Man on the line, you are Siyuan it, Wenxuan often talk about How about you.” Man battle with a bear’s body, but everywhere reveal the elegant gesture , say things are quite gentle. This is only his side fills, when the lessons from Wenxuan, he will show the extremely violent, who will be thrown on the pounds heavenly body Wenxuan turn dozens of laps because of his quiet and Wenxuan spirits.
Wenxuan looking backwards leisurely tea culture war while also cordial talk, feeling uncomfortable, Wen-long battle bovine high horse, there are a handful of black beard, a look at the people who belong to rough mad, Yet still like to do literati do, and even gave him a “Wenxuan” This bookish heavy name.
really could not stand the Wenxuan quickly grabbed the teapot, like the text to go down fighting so slowly I do not know how long it takes, Man showing his face looking angry war, Mamalielie said: “brats, despise your old man is not, I taught you how many times, tea is a learning, slowly, to stabilize, to invest, you look at you. ” Some can not stand the text
war ? winded, Wenxuan quickly change the subject to something on the ground to fight the text say it again, especially aggravated the two elders want to break his face Li Can arm thing, he knows Dad hated others ignore his presence.
“dick anti yet? dare to do so, I will come back to see Chan child injury is not heavy.” Can Li’s face looked pained expression, cultural war some concern.
Wen war has been very little say in other things, and Lee only dry befriend, and even the main fact is a few exchanges, but every turn when needed to solve the problem will be discussed together.
the two elders have been doing with his right, in large part because the tourney field establishment was to fight and battle Chamber Hall, usually underground culture war is not a war together, perhaps too long without revealing means of two elders bully head come up.
stroked Li Can wrist, looked at Li Can some blue back, black culture war touched the long beard, relieved, smiled slightly: “ah, no problem, some skin trauma , wait to see your physician to find the dragon, he will cure you. ”
Li Can one speak, cold feeling spread throughout the body from the wrist, he knew it was only a master-level internal forces. Man is a prefecture-level warfare expert, repair dry even higher than Li, Li Chien-card in person peak level for many years, has been unable to break ground level. Level after the break, they can sense the presence of “gas” in vivo, then they can attend some of the martial art, and some can even make shenfa martial art master-level flying in the sky.
Li Chien Wen war remembered long ago, and he said something, some lamented: “The good thing Can children recently, the repair should be more than my kid, listening Laogan say you want to participate in the new scramble tournament?”
hear the words of the text war, Li Can opening nodded and said:. “ah, most recently a little adventure, to enhance the strength and finally no longer waste, but also need to concentrate on recent breakthroughs brother, so I played on his behalf.”
Wenzhan rolled his eyes, smiling at Li Can joking: “The little slick, your father and I said, people place a heavy level of your opponent can not, it seems that I have let my family participate in Kid Competition training exercise, or he should be thrown away your cough! ”
Wenxuan hear, surprisingly did not refute the text war, war in the past as long as the text says, will work against Wenxuan, he turned around and looked at the back of the Li Can, heart underground passage: “It seems that I have tried, Otherwise, how to protect you. ”
side of 白思远 also flashing eyes, looked at Li Can and Wenxuan, heart secretly to pump myself up, and he was better than Li Can Wenxuan have a good father, from the urine of living in Sin City, the parents even parents who do not know , a unique experience made him more aware of the strength of the important voices 白思远 see themselves only by listening to whisper: “! I must be the same as the old iron master, Chan must not become less cumbersome and mosquitoes.”
Kwai Sha romance network. KuiSha.

Chapter XIII healing
holding a paper war token, three farewell left the room, they’re going to Long physicians there, although the text can be seen war wounded, but not treatment, even after all have internal forces is not a panacea.
battle Church as an underground city in general, there are a lot of channels, channel neatly arranged on both sides of many rooms, warfare Church personnel live in these room, usually these people will not go out, even the food will have a special staff delivered on time. ]
Wenxuan think something like a general, he proudly said: “We just along the way, most of the door you see here has a piece of white card, above a different number, do you know what that means ? ”
Can Li and 白思远 have shouted, shaking his head, and they were very curious about the meaning of these numbers, in Sin City, a lot of people say, Tekken help have become one of the four gangs, not because of anything else, is fighting together, But they do not know in the end is why.
only a few well-informed generation, will know that whenever a crisis to help iron fist, a mysterious figure appears, wearing iron helmet wearing heijia the problem resolved smoothly. Church war increasingly mysterious, it also allows other gangs not rash.
“Quick said, in the end what does that mean?” Bai Siyuan asked, curious.
Wenxuan seems to think this feeling is very interesting, because I usually he asked curiously Bai Siyuan, or ask Li Can, because he does not like to think things always so important to not experience such a feeling of being asked, then closed did not answer, just smiled eyes almost as a green bean.
Li Can, where the brothers are not sure how it happened, a rare showing off once, you want to satisfy their own vanity under it, think back carefully Li Can see all the way to the hearts already have the answer, playful and said: ” mosquitoes, white card ranking is not fighting the Church, where the number of scattered arranged within five December, while also fighting the Church far as I know four or five hundred people. ”
Wenxuan smile broke down, Li Can not think of one that would prevail.
“But those who are not house the corner of the room is doing?” Can Li Wenxuan looking face, and asked out of the doubt in his heart, in addition to the majority of white card on the door, there are many doors have nothing .
白思远 also considered come to understand, and glanced at his face was Joseph’s Mansion, lifted his foot aimed Wenxuan’s stout ass teeth: “! do not say, I can torture the”
“do not say, just do not say ha ha ha ha, you’re not very smart thing, you guessed look!” carrying Li Can, Wenxuan quickly ran forward.
Bai Siyuan see people are running, and no longer pursue the matter, the most important thing now is to go there for Li Can treating physician dragon, too late to say so after the other.
not long after the three came to a gate in front of the wood, a piece of white card, four hundred and eight on the door. This is in addition to the white card figures, there is still vaguely light flashing, and Li Can, like the hands of a black fan, this is not simple jade tablets.
Li Can exposed thinking expression, hearts illegal channels, “It seems to help the strength of the iron fist really like the surface so simple ah, even the ordinary house also has runes flashing” gently knocked on the door to reveal a door in the middle window, Wenxuan token out to look after the man, the man opened the door, greet them inside.
room is very spacious and bright as daylight, fresh air throughout the room are looming streamer flash, which is the Rune! Li Can heartfelt sigh powerful spiritual.
only powerful runes will portray spiritual, and this underground fight together, have revealed four runes streamer, apparently God repair experts carefully orchestrated, completely inconsistent with this and help reflect the strength of the iron fist, to know even Sin City is not much the whole spiritual.
the edge of being a chess game, after a man opened the door, he returned to the table and continue to play chess to watch attentively, Li Can Wenxuan would let him down, walked beside the board also curious, curious to watch it.
carefully recall a while, he found the answer in the previous Li Can memory, stone plate on the table named SLG, and the Earth is somewhat similar to chess, has a car, horses, guns, handsome soldier, but the “elephants “are replaced by the guard, bodyguard. Both sides are looking at the chessboard
attentively on the stone plate, completely forgotten the next three, 白思远 also saw this interesting chess game, such as Li Can also looks like ecstatic. Only Wenxuan, the brain does not like people who looked after complex rules look a mess, decisively abandoned the intention of going to wait and see, he looked at small point on the board, will be dizzy.
“If you bet on the dice is okay, if I come under this SLG, might as well kill me.” Wenxuan underground passage in mind, have a look at Can Li and Bai Siyuan very interested in the way that he alone pushed aside.
Li Can the Earth had been studying chess, and downloaded a lot of chess, the game basically able to do ten QQ battle nine wins. This is a very serious results, you know the network, there are many chess masters all day the next, you just under ten disc is sure to encounter a master’s, if they can keep winning it, that at least is a master.
At this point it seems caught in a dead dragon physician office, how to go the next step to be lost, he has looked for a long time, the opposite of people at the moment to relax together, reach for a cup of tea, a light sip. This
Li Can see this person’s appearance, standard square face, not like a few people Wenxuan Li Can 白思远 Heitong black hair, facial hair, these are the same people as the West, but his eyes were black , but there are a handful of large black beard, perhaps half-breed, Li Can already gave him a conclusion.
After another long, long physician did not move the pieces, in his opinion, no matter how this move away, then the next move will be the other generals on the end so he can not be reconciled, it has been thought to every thinking a move are taken into account, but the chess game changing, many of the steps is not a step to be effective, but to go for a long time, playing chess need a bigger picture, to Liaodi opportunities, which is very important.
finally could not stand next to Li Can, although watching chess without a word also know the truth, but you know he’s a wounded, waiting for it to heal, originally thought to it immediately can get healed, I did not expect the next move So now on, his back still hurt yet, but can only choose to intervene in a quick end to this game of chess inning.
“Long physician, you see how this move so kind to go.” Li Can gently pick up the pieces, and put him on the national character of the face in front of the soldier.
“Oh, no, so not to be his soldier eat it? how can this game of chess,” Long physician bit angry that anyone in the chess interference by others will be angry.
dragon physicians across the country to see the word face after this move, but it shines, followed by another down move, followed by Li Can, and then again the next step, this step is like divine intervention, the overall situation directly with live up, after the physician to see the dragon, but also cheer up, laughing, Li Can also return to the side.
long time, chess game finally ended, Long physician then remember just the little brother thing, quickly asked: “? Yes, little brother, you look for what I thing.”
Li Can the clothes off, explaining injured after this ice was wounded, but it was not the Li Can already de-force, and there is no defense, the back injury is relatively heavy.
“Hey, how are you so serious called me, really, you people, so do not spare his own body? quickly lie down, I’ll give you massage it, unfortunately, and if there is a bottle made Senior Pharmacy Pharmacist You like it hurt very easily, “Long after doctors took out a bottle of pale green potion view, he applied to the hands and gently massage in Li Can back up.
Wenxuan side of his face was changed, and he remembered that there were two elders hands pharmaceutical bottle, some tense opening: “!. physician, you are said senior agents are not green.”
“ah, right, is like emerald green, but unfortunately this is Sin City, Pharmacy relatively scarce, many people do not know Pharmacy, Pharmacy healing effect is in fact the best!” Long physician recall a while, some mixed feelings openings Road, formerly in the outside world, to what agents do not come here, everything is gone.
Wenxuan excited, to leave, Can Li Wenxuan asked out in this statement when he wants to know why, quickly scold: “The Wenxuan, not allowed to go, my injury, that will not get better soon , and sit back! ”
Wenxuan stool sat back a little bit helpless, Bai Siyuan gently patted him on the shoulder, indicating another impulse, but fortunately Wenxuan just listen to the words of Li Can, or Wenxuan will certainly find two elders, may have to shout a field instead.
“ah, he said, well, it hurt soon be good, the last ten days, you come here every day, I give you massage, nothing thing, every day to remember!” looked at the side of the chessboard, Long physicians face mouth hint of a smile, he said solemnly.
Li Can not find the dragon physician strange, reckoned time, this time also going dark, Li Can get up to bid farewell to the dragon physician.
“Hey, Dragon, just play chess that years? how my last latrine gone?” square face long lines to pick up clothes, wiped his wet hands, asked, puzzled.
This move allows Dragon face a stiff, wanted theory about it, think about the feelings of many years, something worthwhile to say something to this point, heard his questioning, Dragon


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Love betting point, but Li Can they’ll lose Wenxuan accompany more than twenty thousand gold coins, which can buy a 2000 low-energy grain of gold, enough a person to person level practitioners in place.
this is able to be a little life of their money, even if the text will be heartache war took out the money for a long time, but fortunately for Li Can Wenxuan confidence, if they know that the day is because the relationship between 焦天佑 of XuShao was only stunned, I am afraid to hit the wall.
stage two punches thrown, hit the faint dark world, Li Li Can use punches, while Museumzicht boxing bull is used, because the repair is no longer the same one, the Li Can it be a disadvantage, often fight back again and again, which overjoyed audience, they are all defeated Li Can pressure, the more they fall under the wind to see Li Can happier.
audience Wenxuan and 白思远 also anxious up Wenxuan used clothes wiping the perspiration from his forehead hoarse said:! “Siyuan, you see, are you out of Guizhu Yi Well now, little Chan strength not to the median, going to lose. ”
“how do I know, I was too faint, you do not have to see it? Chan Admiral XuShao are stunned, but also captured the magic of that fan too!” 白思远 also some concern, after all, they did not see Li Can is how XuShao beat, listening to the tone of Bai Siyuan Wenxuan blame also snappily said: “Who is the most hard just come forward, this idea is what I want, but the execution but you.”
Wenxuan listening to cry out, think about the old man’s rage like home, Wenxuan scared shuddered.
“Hey, look, Chan began to fight back a little, wow, the upper hand!” Bai Siyuan watching the two on stage, quickly patted Wenxuan head, Wenxuan fearless, afraid of the old man at home , which was the level of characters, but usually packed up Wenxuan be fairly easy, and can directly Wenxuan two hundred pounds of body thrown into the sky to turn a hundred laps, not with breathing.
Can Li Li Quan really no match was found after Museumzicht, and finally the use of super-ancient weapons system conversion Jianglongfuhu boxing, yellow bands advanced exercises really extraordinary, immediately there will be some improvement in the form of the field, although moves to the wonderful little , but because the repair relations with the bull or Museumzicht Li Can fist and punched evenly matched. people
field next breath watching the case, some people but the entire net worth of all the pressure on, and there is not a direct curse them calm, “Mom, what is the first day, not even the first waste are playing However, the play I ah. ”
“calm calm, Li Can repair obviously just lower seventh, while Museumzicht see that this is a breakthrough into the median, which appears to be more than stamina back up.” one who looked calm confidence on stage two said.
Sure enough, compared to the endurance stage two, after a long time, Museumzicht with Yin Cece said:! “Imagine that you and I can fight this time, now you have no strength to the people it haha Nine lower-level position of strength and I’m a heavy man median level of strength for so long stalemate, but also as a powerful figure, and unfortunately today, you are doomed to failure. ”
“Hmmm, how much do you think your strength, it is not necessarily the winner!” Li Can Now it has been consuming a lot of effort, but did not say so Museumzicht serious, perhaps, and his practice of Yi Jin Jing related.
Just when Li Can speak, the Museumzicht Bao He soon “Talon hit” Talon shaped hands were hit go toward Li Can chest. Talon strike is to separate the two elders teach Museumzicht, which hit Talon does not belong Gong practitioners such as strengthening boxing bull **, but it is a martial art, you can raise a lot of offensive power, has come to yellow bands advanced to the point where Museumzicht been waiting for an opportunity, you want a winning hit.
Li Can some early defense, a sideways, and finally resorted to the trick has not been used for a “tiger attack palm”, this is the most powerful boxing Jianglongfuhu a move, hit the chest with one hand, like a hunting tiger. Museumzicht also have to prepare for, but do not think they have much strength, presumably Li Can fear is even worse, there is no full preparedness. Ceded some effort, facing Li Can chest resorted Talon strike. “Adams” “pop” sound continuously “bang” Let the audience who overwhelmed, everything happened so fast, they resorted to this mode of thought Museumzicht martial art “Talon hit” post can beat Li Can, I did not expect Li Can beat the direct hit Museumzicht fly, let him blood Kuangpen. And Li Can chest but nothing is torn clothes.
audience they were all extremely frustrated, I did not expect the greatest chance of winning the first genius actually lost, but most are not optimistic about the waste actually win, in the faces when they suffer, but few people laughing incessantly.
“Ha ha ha, this can be developed, or much less we Can!” Wenxuan patting hard stool, mouth emit loud laughter.
“Well, hush, see Can less be doing,” Bai Siyuan Li Can beside Museumzicht looked slightly a little worried, after all, is someone else’s site.
Li Can Museumzicht went in front, mouth hangs a smile and said: “Now, you are also eligible winner takes it in front of me kneeling down to beg for mercy Well, this seems to be very interesting.” ejected after
“poof” Li Can Museumzicht hear again the words of one blood, and that he had just palm suffered internal injuries, crystal healing energy must be used immediately.
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Chapter XI master appeared

mouth hanging hint of bright red blood, hair and no previous elegant look, looking at the front of the high-spirited boy, Museumzicht dropped his eyes, teeth and said:! “Li Can You Do not think I will bow to you, we tourney field who’s never afraid to die, you have the ability to direct waste to me. ”
“You carry the right to die” eyebrows gently pick, Can Li’s left foot has stepped on Museumzicht fingers, now is a good opportunity for a morale blow two elders, Li Can not miss, and now case must do so, he needs overawed following others. ]
“ah” sound heard screams, said fingers with hearts, fingers of his left foot gently rolling Li Can, this feeling can be used simply to describe living death.
crowd of people not because of the screams and the back half points, many people have applauded, in their eyes, even Museumzicht hand broken and they did not have the slightest relationship, the more the suffering of others, the more they pleased, and many people here, Older committed offenses outside the point is being held here, younger point, many of them born here, grew much more cruel than to see this thing.
and to see a once lofty genius, lost face in front of them, this is a very happy thing.
looked at the people around one exciting appearance, Li Can also slightly assured that he is a spent force, Li Can not a cold-blooded person, reasons for doing so or because most people fear Museumzicht around there, if they At this time rushed to, then today he would be a tragedy.
“two elders good.”
“Second Presbyterian good” all have people around who bend the bow in front of a door, let out a path consciously and let Li Can the ring formed between the entrance to a spacious channel.
side of Di Hu Wenxuan and 白思远 found both come soon after, as one, have wanted to go onto the table, the Li Can away, but unfortunately it was too late.
two elders glance discovered the situation on stage, a little surprised at the strength of the fast Li Can ascension, but the hand movements, but without hesitation, left resorted to a strange action, suddenly getting cooler air around it, and two elders hands slowly condense out a fist-sized ice.
the ice at breakneck speed to throw Li Can, Just when Li Can be stepped foot Museumzicht fingers again, rushed to the ice with a piercing sound, hit the back of Li Can, will he knock out, ice it crumbled into powder.
“wow, two elders ice palm, which is the level of strength you! simply too much.” Everyone around watching two elder eyes shine.
everyone knows, is just two elders resorted to ice palm, Hyun-order advanced martial art, is reached only when the repair level, the body produces a “gas” before they can practice martial art, martial art in which the door Tekken help very famous, because Sin City martial scarce, this power law Tekken master basic level to help everyone will.
just two elders are not skilled to use, you know palm palm hit the ice after the culmination of a radius of tens of meters will be frozen, if the control range, or even directly to the people frozen in ice cube, and if condensed into a small ice, ice and even comparable to fine iron hardness, can readily condense as a hidden weapon to use, they will not like the two elders ice issued on easily crushed.
Can Li fell to the ground, if you will find his clothes off, at the moment Li Can a bruising back completely, he had suffered internal injuries. His hands and ground, you want to stand up, but unfortunately, when the beginning of excessive physical exertion, coupled with internal injuries just simply can not stand.
two elders are quite satisfied with the result, not only demonstrated their strength, but also to solve the trouble. Museumzicht walked toward the office, grabbed his wrist, with their own internal forces see later, found his injury was not serious, just a lot of finger congestion, Li Can fallen sweep of the eye, two eyes a Presbyterian turn.
little heartache pulled from the arms of a white Yuping, Yuping thin material makes the people around you to see the inside of the liquid, it is green as emerald color.
“This is, by the way this is Pharmacy! right is the pharmacy, the pharmacist with senior energy BMG many precious herbs modulating agent,” a middle-aged man looked at the two eyes shining in the hands of the elders Yuping, around Many people have confused the exposed color, something they had never seen before.
The middle-aged man into sin city soon, in the outside world have seen this thing, he patiently explained to the people around you. So this thing is crystal precious herbs and energy production, physical trauma can fix Pharmacy Pharmacy very expensive bottle of Pharmacy requires strict proportional allocation is made, the configuration does not require agents to repair, many pharmacists are ordinary people They spent a lot of time studying the appropriate proportion of energy between the crystal and a variety of herbs, developed prescription, then the system to produce pharmaceutical according to prescription.
Sin City has long since closed, so there is little pharmacists, they do not know this stuff is excusable. Second Presbyterian drip a few drops of the medicine in the Museumzicht fingers, then let him drink a few drops, magical things happen, serious de-force Museumzicht restored ability to act.
two elders looked around, faint: “! there fall, get up from there, you know not to trample the dignity of the contest field, it was against the rules, it is a price to pay” side of the Moon sweep of the eye continued : “Moon, you who say, not gang members but secretly enter the contest field, and the wounded gang members, need to be kind of punishment!”
Moon secretly glanced his brother, his brother is not just found Li Can quickly go and look after the opponent to two elders, and the Li Can two things to say and listen to the elders, but he knew his father and two elder Li Can not fire and water compatible.
“back to the elders, I did not gang members, secretly entered the tourney field, you need to break their fingers, give a warning, if I can help wounded personnel, the need to break his arm.”
two elders faint nod, after a moment glanced around, thundered: “That’s what you waiting for, do not these people’s arm broken!”
Moon neck a shrink, and hastened toward Li Can, and the remaining people have subdued them, this is three elder son, also came to the tourney field before Li Can not see you like this, do two elders and three elders prepare to go to war yet
“Wait, I see you Shuigan Dong!” At this point Wenxuan and 白思远 stopped in front of Li Can, facing the Moon large bellowed.
Moon two elders look for help, how to do this, even the son of the elders also came, the elders, but a big powerful figure, Shoudexia several hundred people came outside.
them these teenagers up to slap fights, Puff, many people did not even killed, while those outside come in, in all likelihood are murder, arson, looting ** people, very few people would like Lee Chan and his son was framed and exiled trio came.
no one has noticed, the Moon is Wenxuan came after two blocked behind them, has a blond man carrying a stick fluttering toward the Li Can.
Li Can this person is just being knocked to the ground, fingers have been mercilessly trampled Museumzicht, after he had just restored strength, and the Moon will be in two elders spoke on the occasion secretly approached Li Can.
raised his stick, Museumzicht muttered: “! you start talking about right, maybe it is also the winner.”
Museumzicht in Li Can frightened eyes, who spent force, it is sluggish at this time but slowly Museumzicht eyes, eyes full of horror, as if to see what terrible things in general.
surrounded by people who found the situation Li Can someone here to see the raised wooden Museumzicht they are going to have to invest to get excited, but the next scene so that they overcome with amazement, raised his stick for this remain Museumzicht move, the next scene is to let them stunned.
wooden stick from the top of the slowly frozen moment will spread on the bottom of the stick, while the top toward the bottom slowly chipping, cracking sound Cui Xiang, all eyes will be focused to Museumzicht body. Museumzicht hands grip the stick slowly frozen, spread rapidly throughout the body, after a moment, Museumzicht body bear the thin ice, and even hair and eyelashes are no exception, like an ice sculpture Museumzicht afar .
ground cracked a stick, a touch of brilliance issued at the top of the sun illuminated the tourney field.
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Tong Wen Chapter XII war battle
Li Can watching ice in front of his eyes, trance, who moved the hand? Just Can Li found only small ice crystals in a glass bead size to shoot from a distance, waving Museumzicht happened to hit the top of the stick, then stick ice, followed by fragmentation, which has become a Iceman Museumzicht kuisha
look in the direction of ice flying, there is the entrance of the tourney field, through the channel when two elders came, Li Can see where an old man was sitting, it is the old iron, iron and old seem to find someone watching him , also saw Li Can a faint, soon they turned away. ]
find old iron did not care about their own meaning, Li Can look back, will focus on the front of the Iceman who endured back pain, stood up, looked at the ice Museumzicht widened his eyes, Li Can slightly shook his head, sighed and said: “Look, maybe it is also the winner”
two elders at the moment seems to be transfixed in general, looking woodenly Museumzicht, or Moon first to react, hurried over and knocked gently humanoid ice reflecting the sun, he is also afraid of accidentally as this humanoid ice sticks general, broken into small pieces
still looking woodenly two elders, next to a man called out softly, two elders before their senses, glanced at the old iron door, turned around and Chen Sheng said: “Do not touch him, you still doing here? The Why Why go. ”
this thing, so anticlimactic end, the two elders are no longer embarrassed Li Can, long before Museumzicht also restored the ability to act under the sun, but at the moment he is no longer the chic attitude, as drowned rat in general.
After discussion, Li Can Wenxuan and 白思远 decided to bring the war to help the iron fist of the Church, originally Wenxuan is strongly opposed to it, there may have his father, Wenxuan fearless, but for the father, he would If the mouse saw the cat seems to have.
in Bai Siyuan said something, Can hurt less after Wenxuan immediately silent. There are gangs in the best physicians, even if the injury to Li Can Wenxuan longer afraid of his father, also with Li Can enter battle Church. Because Li Can is Wenxuan savior, a few years ago, Wenxuan in Sin City and people who just came in had an argument, and finally stabbed in the stomach, when people are scared away together, but they are not in 白思远, is the only Li Can.
Li Can timid character, but enough loyalty, he just used his little body, about two pounds of fat will give back to the pub back, and finally saved Wenxuan, Li Can also tired fainted, after all the time Li Can repair for low and teens.
mind have this memory, Li Can careful retrospect, perhaps because everyone called him a waste, are alienating him, only a few people Wenxuan and Bai Siyuan consistently good for him, he did not want to lose the friends


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Floor, heart of a dynamic, immediately disdain opening: “!! Beast, the light will pull utter words, but also on the second floor you have the ability to ah I see you in my entire life did not waste this chance beast” went to the second floor entrance , hand pulled out a gold ticket from the arms, facing the hall shook Li Can, proudly: “The beast, that did not, which is ten thousand gold coins, you have it ha ha ha?.”
Li Can-energy grain away, did not bother contempt around the eyes, self-serving left the Dragon House, looked very calm, people around to see two men did not continue to bicker too boring to do your own thing.
“waste it? Well, since you think I was waste, so when the Challenge Cup, let you see how you do not even waste like!” tub, Li Can Staveley, **’s hunkered down in the water, The low-energy grain pulled out, Li Can pick up ten gently into the bathtub, energy grain size only glass beads, crystal energy slowly disappeared in the water, had also thrown up a white water clear up the water also float a touch of mist.
continue pulled energy grain, hand on top, mind calling the super ancient weapons systems.
“Exchange Jianglongfuhu fist!”
“confirms that it has found one hundred low-energy grain, converted successfully.”
strong sense of dizziness hit, Li Can slowly closed his eyes, feeling so many actions occur in the brain, slowly increase physical strength, bath water slowly emerge many bubbles. After a long time, feel the power of the rate of increase slowed, Li Can opened his eyes, the water has been restored calm, the remaining low-energy grain pellets are placed in water, the water and boil.
While boiling water seems endless, in fact, the temperature did not rise, the body repair damage to the body they always practice only after each practice will be soaked in water to melt the crystal energy and let it slowly repair the body, falling Repeat, the repair will gradually stronger.
Li Can is because no is in the child practice this environment, so the repair is under only one notch triple, which was other people laugh is a waste, anyone can become a body repair, as long as the appropriate exercises workout on the line. But to be successful in addition to a great talent, but also must have huge financial resources to purchase grain cultivation of energy use, which also caused the poor can never become a master, and the master is getting stronger.
super ancient weapons systems power law as long as the conversion is successful, they can directly learn, this is Li Can Yijinjing based on the experience obtained after the last study, the body is like boxing conversion Jianglongfuhu really practicing the same, so produced tired, you need to recuperate, Li Can be proved correct, his cultivation upgrade again.
night slowly falls, teenagers still hunkered tub, his chest rise and fall slightly, between breaths, great sense of rhythm, this is a super gift Yijinjing ancient weapons system of cultivation practice, these do not need to completely comprehend . Look carefully in the water bath, you will find the slightest trace of the energy is slowly into the juvenile skin, whereas the surface of the white mist, also accompanied breathing boy, slowly rising, drilling nostrils.
long, out came the ring sound, tub sit cross-legged teenager eyelashes quivering, after a moment, dark eyes, Suddenly opened. Clenched fist, which contains the power of feeling, a little boy’s face, raised shallow smile. “Nine people lower class, I am afraid that is not my brother now rivals it! Wait for the next look to prove to his father, just win Big Brother, they can participate in the competition for him! Avoid him in danger, and I can also be rewarded, Again the conversion of new power law! ”
“But what excuse to find it? Could it be that I come across, I have a super system head what” Young stood up, the water from the body slowly slipped, fell into the water, the water now has slightly significantly turbid, but also exudes a faint smell, pungent odor pass into the brain, the Li Can thoughts disturbed.
Is this the Yijinjing power, by cutting pulp washing, changing qualifications, it seems, again, washed up.
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Chapter VII of the mysterious master
bright, so that Sin City is like daylight, the city bustle kuisha also a small courtyard in the east, three people are talking about. After
moment, two of which will be laid posture teenager in a small courtyard in the middle of the open space, it appears to be a duel in general. ]
“Can children, Li children, begin!” extremely serious middle-aged face, looking at opposing teenager, his eyes full of curiosity. When
heard two voices in the field, have been offering moving up, practicing ** level in the human body repair, will not produce any unique fight scenes, and in most cases are fighting each other. **. Only repair reached level, ** because enhanced to a certain extent, resulting in a “gas” is also called the internal forces, then there are many martial art can learn, for example, at the foot kicked whirlwind, hands eruption of fire, even with advanced weapons technology may people flying in the air briefly. Sin City
basically everyone is a body repair, but most people only repair class, so I will not fight how gorgeous eye-catching, popping sound emitted only ** touching.
small courtyard, a dusty, two figures fast intercourse, fist intersection loud sound, the strength of the two looks the same, but a closer look will find their boxing is exactly the same, can not a winner. Just then, the little boy suddenly assumed a strange posture, did not use brute force attack to pick up a tall boy, just gently beat it emptied most of the power.
tall boy face was incredible expression, followed by a more violent attack up, and then the little boy but a change of position, he chickened entry arch, balcony stare tooth tiger prey like a tall boy feel at this time own face is not his brother, but a head powerful beast, no matter how he attacks the other, the other has the moves to resist.
“bang” bang, tall boy’s hands captured, one after the turn, was undersized boy fell to the ground.
“brother, I lost!” reluctantly shook his head, Li Chien stood up, who was full of mud, forced to beat a few times, he stared at the eyes eyes shine boy.
Li Can feel very mysterious at this time, in just more than fighting, the start and did not use tigers punches, but with practice when practicing body punches before Lee, this is Lee doing boxing to pass both of them, but the yellow bands Intermediate exercises it, be very popular exercises.
after using the super ancient weapons systems tigers exchange punches, the effect really different reactions, feeling like you can easily be knocked down in front of Li Li in general, but he did not do so, but have tried all the action again, until now, the mind exercises finally mastery.
“Father, this time I race for my brother okay with you!” suddenly opened his eyes, went to Li Li Can pleased dry side, to mention Big Brother race, he has done a lot of hard work.
Li Chien time also covered a smile, in the beginning, it has suddenly ran Li Can adventures so powerful surge, no longer waste it! He was very happy, my son finally got rid of the waste in the name of the head, then Li Can be replaced by Li Li told him to participate in the competition, which was his strong opposition, he feared the safety of Li Can, although strength has improved, But the game extremely dangerous, accidentally killed it, and Li Li Li Can combat experience nor rich.
two deadlocked, the final decision than fighting about it, look in the end who can win, Li Can it really did not expect to have adventures, Gong Li finally use a dry feel at least a mysterious order.
“Okay! The contest will attend to you for your brother, but you’re going to tell me what you encounter in the end.” Although Lee promised a dry mouth, but still very worried, power surge, this is no reason, Unless eat what day material treasure, but Gong Li Can still mysterious order.
“Father you know we Sin City Oddities many, many people repair to advanced, I recently met a man go wild west of a middle-aged, he said I was smart, bone surprised to charge me for the Christians, I think think there is no loss, they worshiped him as a teacher later on my strength on the case. “boast the first time, his face faintly blush, Li Can trailed off. To know someone called him before the waste, and now he says he gifted bone surprise Can Li shook his head, and this is expedient thing super ancient weapons systems can not let anyone know, the safest approach is to allow people to think that behind him there a powerful master.
western suburbs Wilderness! Li Chien-brain startled to hear here, is it that he has such a magical ability, he is perhaps the only bar! Although he knew Sin City because many criminals inside, so Oddities many, murderous murderer, thief has great Toru places, but even romantic romantic flowers thief repair to advanced, but these people are do not have that power! Li Chien curious minds excited opening: “? Can children, your master’s name is taboo”
“ah, oh master chef and I can not let anyone say his name taboo, so I went to his discredit” to hear his father’s questioning, Li Can Jizhongshengzhi, thought of a reason to come out, in order to divert the topic Li Can the arms fan out to, puzzled asked his father and said: “Father, you look at this, this is my morning robbed XuShao come, this thing is very strange, he will issue a lightning XuShao holding human corona, I research for a long time or who did the mind. ”
“It is?” puzzled eyes blinked, Lee took the dark dry carefully fan, look carefully, his face slightly changed, I think is XuShao hands robbed, and restored calm. Lee dignified atmosphere a little dry after thinking for a moment, slowly spit Zhuoqi: “Can children, some things to tell you.”
“You know where we are called bright moon mainland China, and we humans are not the only race, there Yaozu and other intellectual race, humanity in order to better protect themselves, and began to practice most of the body become practicing ** repair, but there are a very few people, they have a special talent, a strong innate spiritual power, they can become spiritual, it is some magical person, you can use a special runes, these runes can make weapons that can and Wicked signing a contract, you can do anything they want, as long as he can portray a strong runes. “seems to think what a sad thing, Li Chien paused.
“Our family is a powerful spiritual family, spiritual gifts can be passed down from lineal blood, but we are offshoot, no such talent, can only become everyone can practice body repair while Your mother is the lineal blood, have spiritual gifts, we both had love, being so far away from the family, the family blocked after your mother gave birth to you, our happy life for over a decade, but they still find us the last of your mother was taken away, we were also sent to the family who Sin City! “Here Li Chien clenched fist, fingers deep plunging her hand, spilling little blood.
Li Can heard here, and clear the memory of the brain a little, just arrived in this world, he thought he would no longer from their loved ones, but when memory integration, he becomes no longer calm. Along the years, so he fell in love with this family, that Wen Wanru water woman was his mother, but he remembers his mother had been tightly fastened two arms, his face full of tears flow, was forcibly dragged go, and he was stunned.
feel some moist eyes, forehead burst veins, heart secretly vowed, be sure to save the mother out, now with ancient weapons systems, everything has hope.
“Can children, we will go to save your mother, but now the most important thing is to get out of here! leave only have hope, I know it’s hard, but as long as there is hope, we can not give up this fan is God repair made, they be called spiritual branch runes division, specializing in the characterization of some rune weapon or buildings, but unfortunately we took this fan is useless, it must be the appropriate approach to use, which is the lowest level Rune Weapon , three crystal energy use, as long as the senior identify the main blood on it. “somewhat disappointed shook his head, gave Li Can the fan.
“Father, that this competition will participate in the repair of God?” Li Can some concern asked.
“Oh, rest assured, this time with your current strength, hope to win the ages of fifteen to twenty very large, and Sin City spirituality pitiful, you think spirituality is a strong family They even offenders, the family will not let them living here. ”
“That’s good, and there are days, baby will continue to work hard!” has been answered in the affirmative, down slightly lift the heart, Li Can they restore confidence, this has tigers boxing, there are strong ability to recover, we must win the first round, candidates get outside fifth places at the same time get energy crystals and gold awards.
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Chapter VIII of the gang expert
late at night, early Li Can returned to his room, courtyard with Li Li Li Chien gangs are still discussing some of the things that helped Tekken While in Sin City also belong to a gang of four, but they ranked the most end. ^ ^ ^ Kuisha. ^ ^ ^
“father, brother, teacher will be that person?” Li Li lips trembling slightly, apparently now he was very excited, Li Li has been the usual expression in a pair Furui no wave, whenever both very calm, but today is fretting, and not because of his brother’s strength suddenly overtook him, he would never jealous of his brother, his brother’s excited because the master. ]
in the city, everything is controlled by a gang of four, is the son of Li Li because the elders of the gang of four can be considered in the upper echelons of the city, so we know a lot of hidden here, not four gang is the most strong, above them, there have been a mysterious figure, few people realize it, but upper class people are aware that much.
many years ago, the four gang Sin City does not help iron fist, but another powerful gang, but a gang because it provoked a person, a night he disappeared without a trace, leaving that place a big potholes! And exactly where that person lives in the western suburbs wilderness, though Sin City land shortage, but the patch has been no local gangs into all the major gangs are clearly the first master of the city is that mysterious figure.
“It’s something they know on the line, whether or not that person, and now everything looks good direction, your brother’s situation now is very good, or whether it is the strength of character, great changes have taken place. “Li Chien eldest son has grown up watching all these years he has been very reassuring, only Li Can is his greatest heart disease, Li Can change is now happy to see him.
Lee finished look slightly dry after trance, with only you can hear the voice whisper: “I hope we do not become your father and brother’s burden of it.”
night without it, the morning sun through the window illuminated Li Can face, rubbed his eyes hard, Li Can get up wash up, do not know when his father and brother had left, only now he would heartless The sleep until the sun ass.
in the past, because the name of the first waste a day, will be up very early when Li Can workout, hoping to rely on hard work to improve the repair, but unfortunately has not much effect. Because by reckless enhance the strength is not enough, you want to improve repair body repair needs good talent first, the second also need numerous energy grain, of course, hard work is still necessary.
last night, Li Can try to summon the ancient super weapons systems, what you want to see some of the other exercises, the tragedy is that the system actually prompted the host to learn two-door power law, passed new stage, you need to see, please pay one hundred energy grain, let Li Can grouchy.
“Alas, energy grain ah, practicing really is a very expensive gold things,” sighed helplessly as early as yesterday, with fifteen hundred gold coins bought one hundred fifty lower energy consumption of grain had been completed , Li Can once again become a pauper, even if there is a tempting mind system, you can not use, it feels really too bad.
touched the pocket, which left ten coins


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Eyes play in the past.
Li Can not have the slightest fear of color, with the eye, but at this moment XuShao issued a scream.
“ah” XuShao shook his hand, drops of blood to spill out from the fingers, drops fall from the fingertips to the ground, next to a piece of broken tiles, and Li Can simultaneously looking XuShao to the corner.
a youth from the third floor roof of a high, straight jump, do not make a sound when you fall, dust feet form a nice round circle, youth came step by step.
“Boy, you are very good, and I like the character, I just met today, also considered fate. know what, I’m Jiaotian You!”
Li Can this young man looked slightly stunned, evidently, this person up to mid-twenties, only to mature than her brother point, but just that one hand, big brother is absolutely impossible, even his father, also a little afraid of the difficulties .
actually his, is actually his, XuShao heart Kuangzhen, although XuShao think they are geniuses in this Sin City’s younger generation is also regarded as a master, but, compared to the front, that is a joke, than the forces 焦天佑 is the largest gang Sin City Dragon Lord to help less than the strength of the people that hand had just explained everything, than it looks, though XuShao also felt looked handsome, but looks cold and 焦天佑 than up, naturally lacking temperament.
Jiaotian You also ignore the two finished, he turned to leave, the pace seems slow, but the speed is very fast, but the blink of an eye, Jiaotian You figure it disappear.
Li Can they recovered when 焦天佑 left, the pipe he 焦天佑 I do not know who is, today, saved me time I write down is that now is a good time ah!
Li Can heart chuckle, but did not hesitate to start taking advantage of XuShao daze when he took the hands of the iron, with nearly body strength, Yigun will XuShao Liaodao!
XuShao conscious head over there a few birds in circling slowly, slowly slipping to the ground.
walked Wenxuan and 白思远 see how the situation and found no serious, just unconscious fills directly from the people lying around his waist remove the kettle, drank, while facing two Kuangpen, two man slowly opened his eyes.
“Hey rain, ah, Chan brothers, how did your hair wet it?” Wenxuan threw stood up and screamed after a moment, then carefully check from Li Can the body, found nothing after the wound before long exhales, patting his chest.
“wow! Chan brothers, hello severe, a person outlasted them all up! how to do?” Bai Siyuan not as Wenxuan general Yijingyizha see lying around in one place who inquired .
“Ahem there is no more powerful pull, fast wake the others, those who would take away all the gold coins, clothes, pants chops, these values ​​are also a lot of money, ah stay of underwear now!” Li Can watching people lying around, sip a sip dry lips, which have much gold ah, ha ha well developed.
“ah, go back again, and quickly they wake up, clean up the battlefield quickly evacuate!” suck the breath, fatigue eased under the body, Li Can walked XuShao began banditry.
Wenxuan and Bai Siyuan also know that now is not the time to speak, and quickly sprayed with water to wake the others, but also learn from Li Can Baqi Meng Hubang a crowd clothes belt.
“ah, purse forfeiture, ah good clothes also confiscated, Huh never thought or gold belt, forfeiture, yes, the artifact fan confiscated!” Li Can XuShao side of the body groping his mouth while muttering forward, the smile from his face can be seen at this time Li Can very happy.
long time later, lying on the street with only seven or eight Xieku youth, suddenly, a man opened his eyes, accompanied by a sound earth-shattering roar of anger, really is earth shaking!
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Chapter harvest
Tekken pub on the second floor in a room to help seven or eight teenagers upper body **, who are smear each other a pharmacy, a table in the middle of the room, stocked with many messy clothes and purse, a young boy sitting at the table Opposite hand percussion with stool issued da da da sound. ^ ^ ^ Kuisha. ^ ^ ^
“minor seventh, to count the number of the harvest.” before a little boy went to the table, carefully checked the items in front of a piece of clothing will be stacked to the side, all the purse of gold coins down on the table, tinkling gold mutual contact is made. All rooms have eyes shine boy at the table, these coins chic enough for a long period of time. ]
last seven picked up a small white leather purse did not pour it out, but respectfully to the front of the Li Can.
“Can small, this purse is XuShao, this is your booty we, regardless, this time thanks How about you! Otherwise we have to be clobbered.” small seven smiles saying, others have echoed around.
Can Li looked around the boy, his face covered with a smile, gently nodded his head, the purse away, and that the fan, and not on the table, this is the group of people they rules, things like that, who’s who took the spoils, but gold is sure to bring out the points together.
“Ha ha ha, today really his mother with a hammer, think Meng Hubang gang kid looks like now I feel comfortable, especially Alex is usually superior master, this fear is to distressed die!” Wenxuan Pick up a bottle of spirits Mengguan few mouthfuls, loud laughter.
“Hey, this time thanks to Chan less, or we still do not know how to do, little Chan, how do you do that? mosquitoes both me and he could not take it!” 白思远 also bursts chuckle, Then they put away the smile, solemnly opening:. “After we all do not act alone, lest they want to retaliate.”
“ah really want to be careful, after at least two people to go out together, do not worry too much, about to start a new contest, this annual great day, who did not dare to have more at this time right and wrong, just do not pay attention to the point that they went to the site up, come on, now is the time penny! ”
small seven coins are all carefully counted again, will he be divided into seven parts.
presence of people have stood up, put away their gold, Li Can no longer approached, the value of the purse inside just enough to exceed the value of all the gold coins here.
“So be it, I’ll come to you a little late, and now I want to run some things, gold coins on the table, you take food and drink it! purse that I have enough.” Li Can Having looked around teenagers cheerful, got up and left the room.
XuShao kneeling beside there are many broken tiles, the tiles as well as mouthwatering bouquet of flowers, his opposite a face looking angry old man.
icy water flowing along the broken vase at the XuShao the knee, the knee pants slowly Qin wet, XuShao red eyes, teeth clenched, his lips pale skin but also because of damaged spill blood.
“You mean, Tekken today will help you grab the person, or the waste that Lee dick?” the old man sullenly, icy inquired.
“No, because the dragon to help peerless genius Jiaotian You!, he shot and wounded a baby, then I do not pay attention while Lee that waste time,” remembered the morning XuShao thing on the minds ignite the flames, he does not Jiaotian You hate, but hate Li Can, a waste actually robbed him, and also let him lose face.
Jiaotian You hear the name of the old man eyes a shrink, he was afraid and son conflict is 焦天佑, until XuShao finished sigh of relief.
“This thing, so be it! recently revenge you do not find them immediately is the new contest, you have to represent us Meng Hubang participating! plenty of opportunities for you in the ring Lee learned people, even you can be homicide, just a pity that the fan, but I asked a lot of that relationship was coming from the outside lane. “the old man’s face looking a little angry eyes only regret of color.
“Father, that even if they took the fan can never expect to use, that use the technique in my hand, they can only be used up to fan fan, rest assured the father, this contest I will kill him! them In addition to Li Li Chien little strength, his two sons did not repair my high! “XuShao eyes revealing contempt eyes, as if to kill Li Can is a very easy thing in general.
“Oh, go on, this can be considered to make you rise up memory, lest you arrogant.” see XuShao contempt eyes, the old man closed his eyes, XuShao was his son, he came old son, usually on This is very loved son, but also to develop his arrogant personality, this is his first time to let him kneel down so harshly. Thought of this old man sighed heavily, hearts secretly said: “! Hope you do not let me down, this time to grow it.”
Can Li returned to the room, took out his purse excitement from start to know the weight of Li Can this purse is definitely a lot of gold, but also paper feeling, this feeling Can Li had never experience before , only to find something in line with this feeling from memory, that is, the golden ticket!
in Sin City but the largest dragon to help, there are several large gangs, where Li Can Tekken help, just grab the Menghu Bang, but the most wealthy gangs that round to help, very unique name, the gang operates food, casinos, banks and so many lucrative industry.
line with the purpose of making money and gas, operates a number of businesses to help round has also been widely recognized Sin City, Sin City, especially the “golden circle banks” as long as a thousand gold coins can be exchanged for tickets in the circle to help the banks, This greatly facilitates the town people’s lives. It is said to help with the outside circle background, because in the outside world, also has a “golden circle banks.”
Li Can trembling hands purse items will be down on the bed, the number three times in a row before they contented coins into the purse will be carefully looked at from the golden ticket, this is a thousand gold coins round banks Gold tickets, special paper, not afraid of fire and water invasion, the central printed with a circular gold image, and really no different coins, printed with special ink colorful golden circle banks in large letters above the golden ticket.
will receive the votes came well after Li Can Sin City Square, the center of the city, where the City Square dominated by the four basic gangs, Dragon helped monopolized energy grain business, Meng Hubang help and Tekken were opened several casinos and pubs brothel, only round to help not only operating banks, but also mastered many weapons shop, even the most famous entertainment circle also helped run.
from Crescent City to enter the door, there are two security guards at the door of a black, there is a dragon about to take off the clothes, the two men are dragon to help escort the four gang Square City is basically dominated the inside of the store As long as some of the gang to pay protection money, gangs will have to maintain order and security in Crescent City, so the door stood two Dragon to help guard is not surprising.
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Chapter VI Square City
saw two security guards come after a moment, immediately bowed slightly. (-) These guard them, for Sin City’s “expert” are very familiar with some of the large and small, they all know, although Li Can identity is not very high, and her father came in just the last four gang iron fist help elders, but in any case, Li Can identity is certainly better than they do guard much higher.
nodded, Li Can straight into the City Square, this time during the day, the Crescent City is clearly not the night lively, steady stream of crowds also showed the population as much as Sin City, I do not know how long the city has been in existence for many people not bad, but is guilty of what was taken ancestors here, they can not go out in this sinful place only lives for generations. ]
“brother, you come to the Crescent City to find me? come here!” on the line, a loud voice came from a distance in front of Li Can with smooth flow.
listening to familiar voices, Li Can already know who it is, looked into the distance, thirty-four dressed in uniform clothing Tekken help Han, are standing behind a young man, the young man is none other than Li Can a brother, Li Li. Li Li Li Can
pushed around, affectionate arm around the shoulders of Li Li “Brother, today it’s your turn in this care, ah? me to buy something, while on the back.”
“Oh, there are gold coins it? Here I have some, you take with you!” said Li Li pulled from the arms purse, and handed directly to Li Can, Li Can Now he knew nothing of gold, usually rarely go out to buy things, this is what it is certainly important items to buy, they want to keep their own gold coins down the Li Can.
“Brother, you keep! I have gold, Wenxuan there this morning and I went to make a fortune Bai Siyuan they do, I go, ah, the night I’ll tell you in detail!” slightly tender voice with some not tone of doubt, after the coins will superimpose Li Li Li Can, quickly drill into the crowd, and soon disappear.
“brother, it really is not the same,” Li Li Li Can looking at the direction of the disappearance smiled, shook his head again soon, will be incorporated into the arms of gold began to continue their work, with several guards patrol the street to go Unlike other
Square City streets worn, everything here completely and the outside world is no difference, the same shops, the same excitement, there is no trace of evil breath, which is the day! Everything deeply hidden.
in front of a pavilion, Li Can stopped, this House and the other is completely different floor, looked up, the building is already the highest in the entire City Square building, the top of the door in the spacious, several Plaque is made of pure gold in the sun shine, “Dragon House.”
“Dragon House” is specialized in crystal energy business, unlike other shops, this building pavilion of many layers, such as Li Can nothing gold can only stay in the hall, even on the second floor is not qualified , want to be on the second floor must be at least ten thousand gold coins, unlike the low-energy grain sold in the hall, second floor, although it has also sold energy grain but it is advanced.
High energy grain only after the death of the Wicked, which will form condensation energy in the body, and ordinary is an amazing grass extract from.
higher the level of energy grain effect is better, but this is not much difference for Li Can, now he just needs a minimum level of one hundred pieces of crystal energy can be converted to their desired exercises.
“Bring me one hundred fifty low-energy grain.” Li Can the clerk behind the counter in front of the open road.
“Okay, this is the energy you need grain, needs a total of fifteen hundred gold coins, I ask you to pay gold or gold vote?” After a while, the clerk will remove energy crystals, with a professional tone began.
“I really do not know how much Dragon to help day to earn gold, I Meng Hubang gang robbed four young master was so little gold, which under all to contribute to you, and the earth, as do energy business is to make money ah! “Li Can hearts envy, immediately took out his purse will be heartache, leaving all the other ten gold coins and handed the clerk.
Just then, a group of teenagers coming out, these people pay to see Li Can, flew hub clamoring over who was behind a helpless legs kick after flash to the side, eyes staring Li Can Henli .
“yo, this is not the waste it, Zizi, picked up a cheap consumer went here, ah, I see you’ve never been so afraid from upscale place! Haha, or else give you sir spot gold, so you have a good experience the next. ”
Li Can hear the word waste, forehead red with rage, turned around and saw the morning was only turned out to be stripped of his clothes XuShao.
Li Can Yanzhuyizhuan there mind, puzzled asked: “Well, this morning, I may have missed a show, listening to a group of people who say North streaking it, Master Xu You know who that is? ”
“Puchi” around a lot of people know in the morning thing, is said to have a group of people in the city of sin streaking in the morning! Ran the whole street, and the streaking object is usually special attention to their image of Alex large and small.
watching everyone around simmering smile, the smile disappeared XuShao become gloomy terrible thing in the morning is his shame, Li Can not pick Buddist. Moving toward the two


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